These are approximate labor costs. Each piece of furniture is different, therefore we cannot give a firm
price until we have actually seen it.
All prices based on single color satin finish.
Kitchen/Dining Room Chairs:
Kitchen/Dining Room Tables:
Wingback Chairs:
Love Seats / Sofas
Fabric cost is additional
New foam core
Re-upholster seat
Complete re-glue
$125 - $175
$200 - $250
about 2/3 - 3/4 yards of fabric per 2 seats
$65 each (wrapped) - $95 each (boxed w/welt)
$20 - $25 per seat
Complete re-glue
$300 - $500
$1200 - $1800 (leaves additional)
$800 - $1100
$900 - $1300
Complete re-glue
$250 - $400
$700 - $1300
Replace glass
$150 - $225
at cost
$250 - $450
Re-upholstery labor
$1100 - $1250
Fabric cost is additional
about 16-19 yards of fabric
New seat foam cores
$75 - $145 per cushion
Re-tie springs
$250 - $350 (when doing while re-upholstering)
$125 - $200
Re-upholstery labor
Fabric cost is additional
about 7-10 yards of fabric
New foam cores
$75 - $105 per cushion
Re-tie springs
$125 - $200 (when doing while re-upholstering)
Caned Chair Seats:
Sheet cane seats (or backs)
Hand caning
Rush seats
Basket weave seats
$175 + ($25 to color)
$3.00 pr hole
$175 + ($25 to color)
$175 + ($25 to color)
*Please note that hand caning, rush seats,
and basket weave seats are done by hand
and completion times may vary*
In Home Touch Ups:
$85 pr half hour / pr man is our base price. This is only for basic
repairs that can be done on the first trip. Once we know exactly we
need to do, we will adjust the price accordingly. Our men should be
able to tell you the cost prior to beginning the job. Or, if it is going
to be based on time, they will be able to give you an approximate
Written Estimates (needed for most Insurance or Moving Claims):
$85 - this fee will be deducted from final invoice when all bid work
is completed by us (All in-home verbal estimates or in-shop written
estimates are done for free)
Pick Up and Delivery:
* Free - when the total invoice is over $250 and the items were
picked up at the time of the estimate (within 30 miles)
* If the total invoice is under $250, then there is a $60 pick up
and/or a $60 delivery fee
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Misc upholstery jobs:
New single seat foam
cores for removeable seats
with a zipper (24" max)
4" medium density: $75
4" firm density: $85
5" medium density: $85
5" firm density: $95
6" medium density: $95
6" firm density: $105
To re-upholster a single
seat or back cover for a
removable cushion with a
$85 - $125 pr cushion
To add a feather-wrap
jacket over existing foam
for a single seat cushion
$225 - $250 pr cushion
Outdoor wrought iron sets:
$175 - $225
$300 - $500
Mfg basic upholstered
cornice boards
$40 pr foot + fabric cost
Fabric protection (teflon
coating) with a 5-year
$125 - sofa
$95 - loveseat
$85 - chair
$65 - ottoman
$20ea - dr chair seats
Current turnaround times (these are only approximate):  ** as of 10/10/18
* new estimate / pick-up appointments: We are currently not going out to give new bids or bringing any new work into
the shop until after the first of the year. However, if you send us an email with a photo of the piece(s) you want done, we
can get back to you with some ballpark pricing. At that point, call me if you would like to be added to the schedule to be
called once we are ready to bring more pieces in.

* refinishing: scheduling for around January - February
* wood repairs: 4-8 weeks once the piece is in shop
* re-upholstery: January (Once we have your fabric in shop, we will add you to the waiting list. We don't  schedule pick
up until we are ready to begin. Once we have the piece in shop we re-deliver in about 3 - 4+ weeks)
* upholstered frame repairs/sew only jobs: Jan (Once we give you a firm price, we could add you to the waiting list.
Once we pick up we try to re-deliver within 1 week or so.)
* hand caning: January 2019
* hand weaving / rush seats: April 2019
**NOTE: Any cushion that requires a width over 24" will have
an increase of $30 per cushion based on above listed prices
6727 Manchester Ave - St Louis MO 63139 (phone: 314-644-0460) (email:
Throw Pillows (basic):
* 14" - 16" ~ labor: $45 each ~ filler: $18-$22 each
* 18" - 20" ~ labor: $55 each ~ filler: $26-$30 each